Slovenian Third Age University And DANET at the 10th Bled Strategic Forum


Education for financial literacy is needed. Older people should be freed of dependency discourse. The need for a UN Convention on Older Persons’ rights

At the 10th Bled strategic forum Dušana Findeisen from Slovenian Third Age University and vice president of DANET, moderated the panel Ageing Society and Development: Is progress without change possible? The discussion of the panellists was largely directed towards what is DANET’s mission: social participation of older people, their contribution to social and economic development, dialogue and cooperation of generations as well as global cross-cultural dialogue. It goes without saying that the panellists were willing to consider also the issues of older adult education, art and intergenerational learning enabling the contributory role of older people.

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Third DANET-Newsletter (December 2015) is online

The third Newsletter (December 2015) of the “Danube-Networkers for Europe (DANET) e.V.” is available with different topics: new European project „Tastes of Danube. Bread, Wine, Herbs”, Danube – Networkers Days in Bulgaria and Romania, MobilA, etc.

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