2017 Qualification training Bad Urach – Creating bridges for Europe

ILEU.e.V., ZAWIW Ulm University, DANET e.V.,  Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg

Creating Bridges for Europe.
Qualification training, 24.7.2017, 18.00 -28. 7.2017, 13.00

in the frame of the project “Open Doors for Danube Countries for All (ODDA)”

Strengthening social cohesion in the Danube countries and in Europe through education and international understanding has been the objective of the educational Network Danube-Networkers since it has been founded in 2008. Europe is for us a common house under which roof a multitude of people of different national, ethnic, social, religious or cultural origins should meet and live peacefully together.

Upon this background, the participants of this Workshop, including participants of the Project ODDA, will create low-threshold methods and materials.
Communication will be initiated though use of key words and sentences, gestures, images, music, dance, etc. and this also in situations when there is no common language knowledge. Confidence will be developed in situations of everyday life (what to do and not in greetings, eating, other daily situations).

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Result of the seminar: At this link you can find the results of our seminar 


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     Bildergebnis für landeszentrale für politische bildung baden-württemberg


Project partners

2014 1st Qualification Training aimed at strengthening of the civil society and collaboration in the Danube region by capacity building

We are pleased to announce a first Qualification Training aimed at strengthening the civil society and collaboration in the Danube region by capacity building. This training, will take place 8th-12th December 2014 in Bad Urach and is financially supported by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung and other sponsors. Training language will be English, but some translation support in other languages will be given, if necessary. Besides learning aims of training, we hope to bring together the representatives of different civil society organisations as well as individuals interested in new partnerships and establishment of a long-standing collaboration within the European projects and funds.

 The aims of this training are: 

  • to enhance the intercultural, intergenerational exchange as well as to establish a long-standing partnership between different non-profit organisations and institutions.
  • to support and strengthen the civil society organisations along the Danube in regard to applying for EU funds and establishing long standing partnerships
  • to strengthen the DANET network as well as the Danube Civil Society Forum, WG 3 and support their work.

The aforementioned aims should be reached through bringing different civil society organisations and/or individuals together, giving them the opportunity to learn each others´ profile, objectives, and ensuring a useful exchange of knowledge and experience among them.

Project partners

2012 Grundtvig In-Service Training Course- Manager for virtual learning: New Media as a European Bridge in the Education of Seniors

The new information and communication technologies, especially the Internet, allow innovative, interactive methods in obtaining information, in communication and in virtual cooperation. Internet and virtual learning allow new forms of learner-focused European cooperation. Often used in the educational context is the combination of virtual and face-to-face learning – blended learning.

This course will take place on January 23th-27th, 2012 and in March 2012.

For further information visit the course website.

Target Group: Employees in adult education
Course no. DE-2012-1181-002 (Session 001 / SESSION ID: 4181) in the Grundtvig course database
Please apply at your National Agency for a scholarship until September 16th, 2011 the latest!

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Project partners

2011 Workshop for adults 50+ “Use of the Internet for seniors – creative, cooperative, pan-European”

The main goal of this workshop on November 27th – December 4th, 2011 is to make the use of the Internet and new media in seniors’ education perceptible on the level of the learners. The participants will gain an insight into the use of new media, especially virtual, interactive tools (such as Skype, Video conferencing, blogs, and virtual interaction). Furthermore, the areas of use will be illustrated by good practice examples on location and in European co-operations.

Target Group: Adult learners 50+

Project partners