DANET focuses on:

  • providing access to learning opportunities and general education based on the transfer of innovative practices and dissemination of current scientific findings and theories
  • implementing and disseminating new approaches and innovative methods
  • enabling universities and other types of educational organizations to provide and improve accessibility to both formal and non-formal education for older and younger generations
  • providing grounds for highly professional national and transnational cooperation
  • supporting senior citizens in Europe, particularly those in the countries of the Danube Region, to be active in civil society
  • promoting cross-cultural dialogue in Europe, particularly in the Danube Region, as a must for mutual understanding and respect
  • supporting older people in integrating their knowledge, skills and competences into new, mostly collective tasks, civil activities and actions, thus contributing to reducing and/or solving social and economic difficulties
  • enabling and encouraging older people and other generations to preserve natural resources
  • promoting access to a wide range of new technologies for citizens in Europe, particularly older people, young people, women, people with disabilities and people living in rural areas