Show us the ‘green’ in your city- Call for an international photo competition

In the frame of the project ViMA Danube and the U(l)mweltwochen (Green Week) in Ulm, which will take place in the period 16.6.23 – 24.6.23, we invite you to participate in our photo competition, “Show us the ‘green’ in your city.” Protecting our environment and nature and finding sustainable living methods is becoming increasingly important. Nature is essential for our future, health, and general well-being. In cities, the challenge to maintain touch with nature is even more significant. Stone and concrete increasingly dominate cities. But this does not exclude the presence of plants; nevertheless, Green in cities has many faces. We want to raise awareness on this issue by calling on you to show the green in your cities and encourage you to think about how we can make our cities greener in Europe and along the Danube. This is why we want to know your city’s green places! Take part and present the green spots in your city or community.

Deadline: Sunday, 11th June 2023!
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