Tastes of the Danube at the 4th International Festival of Knowledge and Culture in Later Life

Jointly organised by Slovenian Third Age University and  the local Cultural Centre,the 4th International Festival of Knowledge and Culture in lLter Life  took place in Šmarje pri Jelšah, a Slovenian country town. Through the day the audience followed the programme staging results of exploratory learning of older people that shape local identity and support the development of cultural tourism all over Slovenia, but also in Croatia and Austria the two neighbouring countries. Old tales of the region were collected and acted out, EU projects proved to have brought new educational and cultural topics into older adult education. The results of My story, 18 summers, RefugeesIn , Silver Code, P3AE  were presented.  Šmarje pri Jelšah is known for its baroque church etc. Study tours were organised. Was presented also Bread in the past and present, a sociological, economic, political and cultural study of bread, a publication originally prepared by a group of U3A’s students of journalism  for the DANET’s project Tastes of the Danube.