RefugeesIn for better social cohesion and participation


RefugeesIn  is being developed as an ERASMUS+ key activity 2 project co-funded by European Union and coordinated by AidLearn, Lisbon.

The project is a natural continuation of the finished CINAGE, European film for active ageing project. In current social circumstances and using the analogy approach, the CINAGE partners got an inspiration for the RefugeesIn.

The analogy could not be clearer since in our societies older people are approached through stereotypes and so are refugees. Stereotypes being handy, developing our own standpoints and attitudes does not seem to be needed since it is so easy to believe and repeat what is told and may be heard around us. It is safe to remain within »the conceptual tunnel« ( cf. Boris Cyrulnik), abiding by what our cultural or social group says, missing checking the validity of the words heard, looking upon refugees through the prism of either negative or positive stereotypes. In the absence of reasonning, we go on nurturing our fear of changes.

Between Europe and the Islamic world- the world of refugees- there has been a rich and complicated history of conquests and defeats, re-conquests and diplomacy, alliances, trading, translating, transferring technology, but also imitating arts and culture. These contacts have impacted the history of European and Muslim nations. The images of certain Islamic heroes spur the imagination of the Europeans,   preventing them from understanding the Islamic world which has contributed to Europe’s consolidating its own identity.

What: In the project partners and the target learning audiences will learn how to write scenarios, directi and edit documentary films using archive sources, transmitting the truth stripped of propaganda, passing on the truth, be it only one single truth, the truth of the author of the film.

Methods: partner meetings, focus groups, a course on making documentaries and understanding the refugees’ issues, conferences, round tables, radio programmes, articles on who refugees are and how they get included in our culture and how we get included in theirs.

Project results: a course book, a guide for trainers, documentary films

Contract Number 2016-1-PT01-KA204-022983

Duration: from Niovember the 1st. 2016 to December the 31st 2018


Maria Helena Antunes

AidLearn, Consultoria em Recursos Humanos, Lda

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Karina Sirk, Dušana Findeisen

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