Partner Meeting Bread connects July 2018 in Ulm, Germany

On July, 13th 2018 will be the conference “Intangible cultural heritage in the Danube Region – a national asset or a contribution to European identity?”. Approximately 120 representatives of 13 countries of the Danube area will participate. You can find the preliminary program in English here: Program_danube-heritage-conference2018_07_05_2018_EN
At the evening the Danube-Networkers will celebrate 10 years of Danube-Networkers in the house of encounter, Ulm.

At Saturday, 14th of July 2018 there will be a partner day with preparatory baking activities in Ulm. The baked goods will be for the Danube Bridge Breakfast.

The weekend’s highlight will be the Danube Bridge Breakfast at Herdbrücke Ulm on Sunday, 15th July. For the Danube Bridge Breakfast citizens from Ulm/Neu-Ulm and the surroundings, as well as people from different Danube countries are invited to small snacks and talks about everyday life, cultures, interests and experiences. The activity on the connecting bridge shall illustrate that we would like to get our neighbours along the Danbue, and live in a peaceful and solidary Europe united in diversity. The breakfast starts with a song for peace at 10.30 a.m., everyone is invited.