Online conferece and partner meeting 10th – 11th July 2020

Sharing beyond borders – New ways for care, communication and cooperation of older people along the Danube and in Europe in times of COVID-19


10.07.2020: Online conference.

The extensive programme includes lectures, a panel discussion with European politicians and experts in the morning, workshops in the afternoon. Within the framework of the social evening winners and contributions of the CODANEC competition and the collection of contributions/short stories „Living in the time of Corona“ will be honoured.

11.07.2020: Presentations and exchange of good practice between civil society organisations along the Danube and in Europe

The conference language will be English, translation support in other languages will be given as far as possible. Registration is required. The programme and registration information will be published soon on the website The virtual conference and partner meeting is supported by the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg within the framework of the project CODANEC.

More information on our project website and our conference webiste will follow!