European project „Building Bridges for Europe“ – ideas and inspiration for educators and committed Europeans

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ partnership „Building bridges for Europe“ (BBE), nine project partners from six European countries (Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy) have created an online toolbox with projects and applied methods that strengthen European awareness and critical thinking of participants in the projects and help to break down prejudices against others.

For two years, the project partners have been very committed to analysing selected projects according to jointly developed criteria and to describing in more detail methods that have been successfully applied in adult education. The results can be found online at The toolbox contains 27 projects and over 50 methods that are easy to call up. A Google translator also translates the texts into various other languages. The collected knowledge is to all interested ones free of charge at the disposal. The website inspires its users* inside to use new methods of the adult education, target groups are in particular older adults, women, low-qualified people, people from rural areas, and migrants.
The project was launched within the framework of the informal education network Danube-Networkers. During the course of the project, the project partners deepened their working relationships and exchanged experience and expertise on educational opportunities in their countries. They intend to continue European cooperation in the field of general adult education, in particular third age education, and to further develop intergenerational cooperation.

This project partnership was financially supported by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union. The project coordinator was the Institute for Virtual and Real Learning in Adult Education at the University of Ulm ( ILEU) e.V., Ulm, German partner the ZAWIW of the University of Ulm, the Center for Continuing Education for Older People of the University Angel Kanchev in Ruse and the Agora Platform, Sofia, both Bulgaria, the Writers‘ League Timisoara Banat Branch and the University Dunarea de Jos from Galati, both Romania, the Public Open University Zagreb, Croatia, the Association of Slovenian Universities of the Third Age, the international association Danube-Networkers for Europe (DANET) and the Association of Universities of the Third Age in Italy (FEDERUNI).