DANET Board met in Belgrade, 21st-24th January 2020

by Dusana Findeisen, Slovenian Third Age University

Over ten years the Association Danube Networkers for Europe, DANET has carried out numerous international events with massive participation of older and younger people along the Danube and has been spurring the establishment of new social practices, new third age universities, while intensifying interconnectivity of organisations, regions, etc. In addition, DANET has been awarded several European awards for its contribution to the strengthening of civil society in the Danube region. Field of activities? Social participation of older people, education of older people, dialogue of generations for social solidarity, research of education in later life, creation of new social practices, devising and hosting international conferences, etc. Initially meant to support the Danube Strategy focusing primarily on energy, environment, etc. but leaving social development and civil society aside, DANET and its members -Slovenian Third Age University is its founding member- have been supportive of social development in the region, bringing together traditional and new organizations as well as professionals dealing with the older people’s issues. DANET offers a learning platform to those who are interested in its field of activities. In this meeting those who were present rather appreciated the endeavours of SPIDW and the Method of City games,. And Belgrade? The city is changing, but it still has its distinctive flair and culture embodied by the programme of the National Theatre, concerts, bookstores, some traditional restaurants, etc., where the typical traditional townspeople’s respectful spirit is present resisting the new American/global values of consumerism, profit making, as well as the phenomena of social polarisation and a “political” scene full of hidden or overt contradictory interests.