Christmas Packages along the Danube

The ILEU office in Ulm started in November 2016 the action “Christmas Packages along the Danube” and invites all interested partners to take part to it. Packages in the size of a shoe box will be prepared and sent to other partners from three different Danube countries. They should contain Christmas cookies (sweet bread) and recipes, descriptions of Christmas customs and information about the own group (who we are) in the native language and in English.

Prepared will be three nicely packed boxes, which will be sent per post to partners in three different Danube countries. A picture of the package outside and of the content inside will be sent additionally per mail to ILEU together with the recipes and the descriptions of the Christmas customs. Created in the project website will be a virtual Christmas tree, to which the many packages will be attached. The packages can be opened and the pictures and the written information viewed. If for religious reasons in any of the groups Christmas is not celebrated, a different festival of a similar significance can be described together with the activities connected with it.

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