Bread connects Europe – Exhibition of the selected submissions

On 10th May 2018, the exhibition “Bread connects Europe: Create & bake” was inaugurated at Haus der Begegnung. A jury had chosen 28 exhibits from 79 submissions which represented the topic most aptly. Accompanied by sparkling wine and music, the visitors marvelled at the diversity of realisations which had one thing in common: the view of a conjoint Europe. In many cases the titles and the texts explain what the baker’s idea behind the creation was. Two compositions were found particularly good by the jury – the work of the student and apprentice Goran Gasparovski from Novi Sad, Serbia, who created a sculpture of a bull with Europa and also documented the work process. Also, the work “Brancusi’s Bread” by Netuta Stratulat from Galati, Romania, who implemented the topic based on the sculpture “Monumental Ensemble: Kissing Gate, Table of Silence and Endless Column” by Brancusi. The exhibition will be open to the public until 13th June 2018 but to give access to everyone who is not in Ulm, all contributions will be published on the website.

As the jury found all contributions worth seeing and interesting, all submissions to the competition will be published in an illustrated book. More:

Bread connects Europe – Create and bake