Creative Baking Competition: Create and bake “your” Europe!

Try to express your feelings for Europe by joining this competition.

There are no limits to your fantasy… Show us your baked idea of Europe. Your baked goods can be sweet or savoury; they can be colourful or decorated with seeds or special items… Whether you work alone or in a group – everything is possible. Just use some sort of simple dough, be creative and realize “your” Europe as a shaped bread.

This is how it works: 

Use a simple baking tray as a background for your dough and design this area, as you like. Please send a photo of your creation on your baking tray, name it, and describe your idea (max. 200 words), and send it to:

Deadline for submission is April 15th 2018.

The Institute for virtual and face-to-face learning in adult education at Ulm University (ILEU e.V.) organizes this competition. By participating, the competitors transfer ILEU e. V. the right to show their pictures on- and offine. They also assure that they own the image rights for the people photographed. Please find further information on our website.

And the winner is …

The main prize will be a trip for one or two people to the international meeting of the Danube-Networkers in Ulm from July 12th -15th 2018. The meeting is part of the 11th International Danube Festival Ulm/Neu-Ulm. There will be an equivalent prize for potential winners from the region of Ulm, a special prize for school classes and material prizes as well. The prizes offered are not exchangeable for cash.

All winning photos will be shown at an exhibition in “Haus der Begegnung” in Ulm and during the International Danube Festival in Ulm/Neu-Ulm.

Bread connects – Give a sign of friendship along the Danube!

Be part of something bigger: 1.000 signs for our 10th anniversary. Taking part is easy! Just take a picture of yourself or your friends holding a bread/baked good and the leaflet. Send us your picture until June 30th 2018 ( People of all ages, ethnic origins and social backgrounds are invited to participate. This action was started in October 2017 the frame of the Bread Baking Week. More information:

Pilot project „Correspondence with young and elderly pen pals”

Our pilot project „Correspondence with young and elderly pen pals” has started on Feburary 22th 2018. In the course of 5 weeks, high school students from Ruse, Bulgaria exchange views with senior citizens from Ulm and Oberursel in Germany and from Lodz in Poland. The aim of this project is to foster intergenerational exchange, and for the students to make active use of their German language skills.

Christmas Activity in the frame of the project “Tastes of Danube: Bread connects” in winter 2017

The Danube-Networkers have created an advent calendar where you can find information about Christmas traditions and about some delicious recipes in the Danube countries made by Danube-Networkers participantsin the frame of the action “Christmas packages 2017” and some new contributions and nice videos about Christmas traditions.

Have a look:

Danube-Networkers Christmas Tree 2017


Start of the new project “Building Bridges for Europe” in October 2017

The project’s objective is the creation of an online Method-Toolbox which can be used in European education programs and actions in the context of adult and especially older adult education. Central task will be the development of criteria for the analysis of projects and methods with the focus on good practices in the areas of fostering critical thinking, European consciousness and solidarity and the reduction of prejudices.

The Method-Toolbox should help to improve and extend the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of different target groups and individual learners.

Partner organizations from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria are members of the educational networks Danube-Networkers, the international association DANET e.V., the FEDERUNI Network of Italian Universities of the Third Age and in Bulgaria the Platform Agora. All partners are experienced in national and international work with different target groups, especially older learners.

Give a sign of friendship!

Bread Connects. Give a sign of friendship along the Danube!
From 7th to 16th October 2017 the Danube-Networkers are carrying out a Danube Bread Baking Week with this motto. During this week, many actions concerning bread baking and bread sharing will take place in all Danube countries. People of all ages, ethnic origins and social backgrounds are invited to participate and through their actions to make concrete contributions to fostering of a peaceful and solidary community both in the Danube Region and in Europe. All participating groups will send a photo related to their actions to, until the 31st October. It will be inserted in the website By this way, a large transnational virtual ribbon of friendship will be created! Join us!

More information:

Start of the new project „Open Doors for Danube Countries for All“ (ODDA) in spring 2017

Background: The pilot project Open Doors for Danube Countries for All (ODDA) builds on experiences from the previous work and projects of the network Danube Networkers. Mutual knowledge and understanding amongst people in the Danube countries and positive climate between European neighbours is one of the prerequisites to the successful implementation of the Danube Strategy and its European ideas. The project should help to reduce prejudices and fears, to introduce and establish new role behaviours and forms of civic engagement. Experiences from previous cross-national projects have shown that many people are reserved when it comes to programs that include international meetings or travel to the West or the East. This applies especially to people with low education, but also to people, who have large knowledge about their own culture. This reserve comes from the lack of knowledge of languages – the other national languages or English, the lack of experience with the cultures of the Danube neighbours and the resulting fear of getting into difficult situations.

The reason for this is the long division of the West and the East Europe and the different social systems. The consequences of this division are especially marked in the transdanubian sphere. Cross-national meetings foster motivation to find out more about the ‘world’ of the other, lead to questions and experience of alternatives for dealing with new situations and foster the feeling for common European democratic values.

The reason for this is the long East-West divide in Europe and the different social systems.

More Information will follow soon.

Creating Bridges for Europe: Seminar in Bad Urach: Juli 2017 More 

The project is financed by:


Start of the project „Tastes of Danube: Bread Connects“ in spring 2017

The successful Project „Tastes of Danube“ will be continued – start of the project „Tastes of Danube: Bread Connects“ in spring 2017

The very successful, intergenerational and intercultural Danube Project „Tastes of Danube: Bread. Wine. Herbs“ will be continued. The follow-up project „Tastes of Danube-Bread Connects“ is based on the findings and experiences in the project „Tastes of Danube-Bread.Wine.Herbs“.

At the heart of the project „Tastes of Danube: Bread Connects“ is the promotion of awareness raising for the common cultural roots in the Danube Region and in Europe and the strengthening of the Danube community by working on the subject of bread. Through various activities, citizens of all age groups, ethnic groups and social situations will be invited to experience bread as a common immaterial cultural heritage, which is reflected in many facets of local level. Through doing things together at local and transnational level, the aim is to demonstrate the possibilities offered by the cultural heritage of intergenerational and intercultural dialogue, social cohesion and economic development in the Danube Region and in Europe.


Tastes of the Danube at the 4th International Festival of Knowledge and Culture in Later Life

Jointly organised by Slovenian Third Age University and  the local Cultural Centre,the 4th International Festival of Knowledge and Culture in lLter Life  took place in Šmarje pri Jelšah, a Slovenian country town. Through the day the audience followed the programme staging results of exploratory learning of older people that shape local identity and support the development of cultural tourism all over Slovenia, but also in Croatia and Austria the two neighbouring countries. Old tales of the region were collected and acted out, EU projects proved to have brought new educational and cultural topics into older adult education. The results of My story, 18 summers, RefugeesIn , Silver Code, P3AE  were presented.  Šmarje pri Jelšah is known for its baroque church etc. Study tours were organised. Was presented also Bread in the past and present, a sociological, economic, political and cultural study of bread, a publication originally prepared by a group of U3A’s students of journalism  for the DANET’s project Tastes of the Danube.

Has the project The Tastes of the Danube become trully intergenerational?

Ana Kovačič, a thirteen year old girl called on us.   She appeared  profoundly interested in the project.  She was shown around the exhibition Bread in the Past and Present which has recently been opened to the public at Slovenian Third Age University. She said that she was more attracted by the topic of wine than that of bread. Suddenly she  went to her rucksack ,pulling out a picture. Allegedly she had never made a painting before.The colours of the picture remind  us of  some 19th century paintings. We think Ana  is very gifted and we gladly accepted her as a member of our project.

Tastes of the Danube. Tatjana Rodošek, student at Slovenian Third Age University awarded.


Ljubljana, 8th November 2016

Association  DANET  extended a call for projects to various organisations along the Danube. The call yielded results. Slovenian Third Age University contributed its web publication of the study Bread in the past and present and a catalogue of paintings featuring bread. Moreover, recently there was official opening of the exhibition The story of Bread displaying selected paintings and drawings produced by Slovenian Third Age University students and their mentors.

Upon the opening of the exhibition and a short lecture,Tatjana Rodošek, winner of  a photo competittion launched in Ulm was awarded for her photo of a little boy getting  enthusiastic over a loaf of bread. “It’s mine, it’s mine he cried” said Tatjana.


Christmas Packages along the Danube

The ILEU office in Ulm started in November 2016 the action “Christmas Packages along the Danube” and invites all interested partners to take part to it. Packages in the size of a shoe box will be prepared and sent to other partners from three different Danube countries. They should contain Christmas cookies (sweet bread) and recipes, descriptions of Christmas customs and information about the own group (who we are) in the native language and in English.

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